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Eniac is one of the leading system integration and field services companies in the field of information and communication technologies market in Iran with its 30 service points and employees more than 100, within the organization of Eniac Holdings, the creator of the originals in technology.

Eniac Tech, which establishes business partnerships with the international productive and solution provider companies that are leaders in the information and communication industry, has the organization enabling to provide all IT services by ensuring customer satisfaction with its competences in field installation, maintenance and backup services as well as with its widespread field force and identity of system integrator across Iran.

Payment Service Provider

Eniac’s Shaparak and Iranian Central Bank Certified Processing Center is serving over 20 banks and 200,000 merchants with its reliable infrastructure. 
With Eniac Tech’s POS payment solutions, merchants are able to provide their customers with value-added services that effectively address customer demand and satisfaction. Eniac Tech’s state-of-the-art technology for POS terminals provide merchants with a range of flexible payment options for various industry segments, making Eniac Tech as a leading point-of-sale service provider in Iran.

Mobile Payment

Eniac Mobile solution focuses on the new and exciting area of Mobile Payments and QR Codes. Eniac Tech offers a mobile payment processing solution that enables individuals and businesses to make and receive payments with QR Codes via the card holder virtual pay or merchant smart phone applications.

Processing and Card Management services

Eniac Payment Processing Services offer a multi-layered, new generation processing center that allows payment service providers to enjoy the benefits of outsourcing while sharing administrative responsibility.

We are the pioneer, long term partner for different types of payment providers with various processing needs. Whether it’s outsourcing processing operations for handling traditional payments more efficiently, or increasing customer loyalty or improving public service quality, we provide the necessary infrastructure to help your organization to maintain a competitive edge.Eniac however, offers financial institutions and payment service providers an EMV compliant platform that enables comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of credit, debit and prepaid card products for payments across all sales channels and devices.

Point Management and Clearing Service

Clearing and Settlement management is suitable for clubs, processing centres and clearing houses which allow exchanging points between loyalty providers. Designed parametrically to support bonus and discount clearing systems the system also supports settlements for local loyalty programs.

Card Personalization

Iran is leading provider of “Third Party Processing” and “Outstanding” service was established to execute the card operations of bank and financial institutions with best-fit conditions. Eniac Tech, which provides solutions to organizations that issue and accept cards in the Card Payment Systems market, and enables these organizations to ‘outsource’ a part or all of their card operations. In Cooperation with world-leading companies and with the help of powerful machines, developed systems, a network spread all around Turkey, and experienced personnel; Eniac Tech provides its customers with services and products with added value.

E-Commerce (B2B & B2C Projects)

Management of e-Commerce and Online Channels is one of the main tools for promoting and improving sales in the current tourism and insurance industries. It consists basically of a privileged sales channel, available in many websites.

Over the last decade the population of Internet users has increased rapidly. The tourism and insurance industry has always been among the first businesses, to capitalize on new technologies. Customers are constantly seeking new sources of information, to help them make decisions before purchasing services.

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

Pars Netsis (PNS) established in 2005 by Eniac and Netsis Company in Iran for localizing Netsis ERP product named Fusion. PNS customers can run all aspects of our small business or midmarket company with Fusion software – on premise or in the cloud. Our scalable business management software can help you digitize and connect every process, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, HR, analytics, and more. Simplify how work gets done; put the right resources in the right place, and make informed decisions in the moment. As more than 35,000 SME customers have discovered, you’ll never outgrow Pars Netsis – no matter where your business takes you.

Automatic Identification and Data Gathering

Eniac provides end-to-end mobile data solutions, services and systems to companies in all key verticals including Logistics, Retail Manufacture and Distribution.

Eniac’s solutions combine mobile computing products with state-of-the-art application software to reduce labor costs and to increase mobile worker’s efficiency, productivity and profitability by allowing customers to identify, track and monitor almost anything that moves.