We are your solution partner from idea to success

Our vision and mission

Eniac Holding’s vision is to be the regional power in the IT industry by making rational and pioneering investments in areas that add value and service. With companies that create synergy, Eniac Holding’s mission is to find solutions according to customers’ desires and become the market leader improving and orienting the markets by working in cooperation with the world’s technology creating leaders.

Our corporate philosophy

In the fundamentals of every development, there are both manpower and service to mankind. The information technologies we offer are only tool to server mankind better. The happiness and welfare of both our employees and welfare of both our employees and the people we give service to is “the essence” for us. With this in mind, we insist on both bringing the technologies that will make people’s lives easier to Iran, and on producing that technology in Iran. Thus we can make Eniac Holding a rising value of the rising Iran.

Service far beyond the expectations

Our employees are experts in their fields. Using their experience, they can find solutions and provide service at a level beyond the customer expectations. Our philosophy is to find the right solution together with the customer, a solution to add something new to their development.

Permanence and reliability

Regardless of the economic conditions of the country, we have always been bold, entrepreneurial, aggressive and learned from our experiences and moved forward a work ethic that does not only do business by itself but also in cooperation with our customers. Our companies came together to enable the creation of synergy, and to maintain that synergy, we join forces with either domestic or foreign companies whenever necessary. In our relations with other companies and in every new venture we initiate, our goal is to be permanent and reliable.

To create value

With our companies and affiliates, we always try to create projects and their business models that have never been brought to life or never even been thought of. In every project we design and every product we develop, we aim to create a benefit that carries something new.