Starting Alo Park Project; Online system search and reserve parking space in March 2018
  • Utilization of Loyal Bank project as a club and membership management and gift card infrastructure (Loyal Bank.com)
  • Utilization and launching (www.safar.com) for B2C approach on traveling market
  • Implementing (www.iranhotelgds.com) for integrating domestic hotels to OTAs and universal GDSs
  • Establishment of Raica Iranian E-marketing company on issuing electronic insurance (www.bimeh.com) insurance B2B services
  • Eniac group initiated a new field to develop tourism sector by implementing EniacGDS (www.eniacgds.com) core and started tourism B2B services
TejaratPay is a joint project of Eniac Tech and Asr-E Danesh Afzar, providing the service and technology necessary through their member banks to facilitate secure mobile payment on smartphone
To present one of the abilities of our Wallet infrastructure and servicing in purchasing with point, Happy Card (www.happycard.ir ), Happy Barg (www.happybarg.com) Danesh Card(daneshcard.com) were launched as B2C E-Wallet sample projects
Implementation of pointing infrastructure to manage, service various merchants and their club members in Clearing House (Iran Point Center)
  • Aiming to attend in global market, Teknopay Co. was established in Turkey to offer Eniac group products as a service & solution provider
  • Eniac Tech implemented a new infrastructure on GSM market as core distributer of E-Voucher and Top-Up through Iran largest mobile operators
Axxa was established through the partnership of Abbrevia Co. and Eniac holding in Dubia Media center on Visa and Master Card issuance
To enlarge payment service network, Eniac added other banks such as Melli Bank, Sina Bank, Citi Bank and “Bank of Industry and Mine” and due this the terminals grew over 200.000
  • Launching card personalization department with Iran’s leading provider of third party processing center over 40.000 personalization and enveloping daily capacity
  • To achieve the peak of success on E-commerce Eniac Kish company established in Kish Island
  • Eniac extended its call and contact center as one of the experts on call center provision in the country
  • Acquiring switch connected to SHETAB (Iran National Card Switch) through Tejarat Bank as a first private switch
  • Announced its overseas activity by establishing Eniac General Trading F.Z. Co. in Dubai JA free zone
  • A common product of ERP system was finalized in localization, started to implement for some Iranian leading industrial companies
  • This year was the time of producing POS application and acquiring switch of Eniac
  • Maskan and Agriculture Banks were joined to Eniac Payment Service Provider network
  • Eniac-Tech joined to limited numbers of companies who has certified by Mine and Industry ministry as a software producer and developer company
  • Some more agreements were made with several governmental banks for pose network growth
  • Accretion of banking card provision from %30 to over %50 to the whole market
  • Proud to make new and more agreements with banks on payment service provision
  • Pars Netsis was found to provide enterprise resource planning to Iran market by partnership with Netsis(universal ERP application company) and Eniac-Tech
Eniac-Tech was successfully qualified as a Payment System Provider by Central Bank of Iran, making agreement to install more than 30.000 poses for merchants as a private company ever
As a prompt success in the Banking & Payment sector, Eniac-Tech was able to gain %30 of bank cards provision
The year of birth as its brilliant attendance in banking and payment market with participating in the 1st E-banking Exhibition in Iran
Since Eniac-Tech has been focusing on Auto Identification Systems, It has been selected as the main master to EAN.
It began extensive activity with automatic identification systems being successful to run some remarkable projects.
The first company of Eniac Holding, Eniac-Tech was found by Eniac Computer and Technologi Holding to operate in both automatic identification & data capture fields and E-Payments.