Eniac in news

Operating a national project ‘Eniac retail 360’

After a successful and continuous attendance in electronic cashier machines sector in related to telecommunication, hardware and software equipment, terminals, Eniac Tech inaugurated a new national project in 2010.

1st IT festival appreciated Eniac Tech

Eniac Tech participated in the 1st IT festival which held in Iran Int Conference Center in Oct, 2010. Lectures delivered by two Ministers of Industry and Information Technology- Mr. Ali-Akbar Mehrabian and Mr. Reza Taghipour. Nine top IT companies including Eniac Tech were prized in Electronic E-banking sector.

Int. Financial service marketing 2nd conference on Jan, 2010.

The 2nd conference on financial service marketing which it was known as The 1st Int. conference of banking services was held in a very surprising way, welcoming and acclamation of banking, financial and insurance industry’s leaders. According to public affairs report, Eniac Tech prized with insigne of the 2nd Int. Financial service.