Auto Id & Data Gathering

Automatic Identification & Data Gathering

Eniac offer about 18 years’ service portfolio that include support of all type of Barcode Equipment like SYMBOL, PSC, PERCON, HONEYWELL, DATALOGIC, ZEBRA, etc….

We also have specialists for turnkey projects that integrate Automatic Data Capture with any ERP systems especially our holding member company’s product FUSION.

Eniac has IN HOUSE label manufacturing facility and can offer customized solutions for different types of labels, tags & ribbons as per the requirements. We have a strong technical back up of trained product specialists, top of the line equipments & infrastructure. We have in house software development division for customized software developments & integration. We undertake the Annual Maintenance Contract of all the Barcode Related products, which includes Scanners, Printers Portable Data Terminals & RF Products. 

Barcodes Are Everywhere
  • Retail/ Supermarket
  • Freight forwarders
  • Courier
  • Manufacturing
  • Libraries
  • Financial Institutions
  • Distribution
  • Exporters
  • Shipping
We have the right solution for your business

Every organization is unique. Our experts are committed to helping you select a solution that matches your specific needs – from inventory and asset tracking systems to ID card and label printing. 

Our categorized solutions in this field

Positive Patient Identification

From admission to discharge, prevent identity mistakes and reduce medical errors with patient identity management.

Specimen Collection

Identify, track and manage all specimens to improve patient safety.

Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)

Medication scanning and matching reduces human error and ensures accurate administration.

Barcode Technology for Blood Transfusion

Reduce the possibility of incorrect blood transfusions,collection and storage.

Laboratory Management

Label and positively identify every sample for efficient tracking and optimized patient safety.

Pharmacy Management

Connect your pharmacy to control all phases of the medication management process – from inventory to accurate dispensing and compliance

Material Flow System

Eniac's material flow system increases real time tracking efficiency, for an excellent RTLS solution

Smart Lens for Retail Asset Visibility

Eniac’s Smart Lens for Retail Asset Visibility makes your store a smart store with automatic sensing of the location and movement of merchandise, associates, shoppers and assets and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence

Yard Management

Eniac's yard management solution improves yard planning and yard efficiency with actionable and optional real-time intelligence.

Value Chain Solution for Asset Visibility

Utilize Eniac's real time tracking visible value chain solution for asset visibility. 

Work In Process

With Eniac’s visible value chain solution, we tailor a mix of technologies, including RTLS, for your operation.

Inventory Tracking

Eniac's Value Chain solution for Inventory Tracking provides the detailed information needed by manufacturers, distributors and service companies


Today, customers can shop from anywhere at any time. Whether you have e-commerce or brick-and-mortar operations, you need a supply chain that can handle the complexities of an Omni channel environment. Eniac's solutions optimize the capability, route, proof of delivery and compliance for every delivery - and ensure flawless fulfillment, whether it's shipped to a customer's house or picked up in store


From the back of the store, to the sales floor, and everywhere in-between, you need mobile solutions to empower your workforce and improve process efficiencies. Eniac products designed specifically for retail provide superior reliability, ease of use and visibility into assets at every touch point.


Unparalleled visibility into every corner of your operations provides you with customer insights and intelligence that help you grow your bottom line and maximize efficiencies. Eniac's data capture and analytics capabilities allow you to develop innovative ways of exceeding customer expectations and deliver a competitive advantage

Guest Safety and Security

Increase guest safety by proactively mitigating potential threats and quickly respond to security incidents with Eniac’s guest safety and security solutions

Mobile Ordering and Payment Solutions

Eniac's wireless ordering and payment solution can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers and ultimately increase guest satisfaction

Loyalty, Membership, and Access Card Printers

From room keys to membership and loyalty program cards to secure access cards, Eniac has a card printing solution that’s right for you.


Streamline workflow and speed up operations by eliminating manual processes that slow down progress. With Eniac's electronic asset tracking, you will gain the visibility needed to minimize wait times, increase throughput, and reinforce regulations for a safe, secure, efficient and productive yard


Keep drivers on the road and assets moving around the clock to ensure your operations are running smoothly, Eniac's dedicated Fleet and Delivery solutions address the specific needs of your business - constant connectivity, proactive management, regulatory compliance, and peerless customer service - so you can deliver on time, every time.


Integrate your supply chain, experience dynamic fulfillment and realize transformational gains with best-in-class hardware and software tailored to your needs. From receiving to picking, staging, and loading - you are agile, optimized, compliant, and connected to make impactful decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence.


Integrate your supply chain, implement dynamic fulfillment and realize transformational gains with Eniac's best-in-class hardware, software and solutions. From receiving to picking and staging to loading, operations are agile, optimized and connected to better manage your inventory, people and assets.


Get your order from the fulfillment center to your customers in the quickest, least-expensive way possible. Eniac's fleet and delivery solutions address the complex last-mile delivery process, whether you own your fleet or use a third-party delivery service. We know constant connectivity, proactive management and optimized truck capacity are critical for you to deliver on time, every time


Leverage data capture and analytics capabilities that enable e-commerce order fulfillment operations to innovate and optimize your supply chain. Eniac's real-time locating technologies, implemented and continuously improved by our experts; give you the visibility you need to fine-tune your operations.


As manufacturers strive for a lean, agile manufacturing plant - capable of consistently producing on cost, on plan and on specification - Eniac's Plant Floor solutions give them the real-time visibility to speed up the pace of progress and transparency.


Exceeding customer expectations in the field is Eniac's field of expertise. Eniac provides the arsenal of tools that allow your field operations to deliver superior service. How? By giving manufacturers visibility to field associates, customers, goods, and assets.


Integrate your supply chain, experience dynamic fulfillment and realize transformational gains with best-in-class hardware and software tailored to your needs. From receiving to picking, staging, and loading - you are agile, optimized, compliant, and connected to make impactful decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence.